Promises inside a loop - Javascript ES6

In this article, we will see how to write a promise function inside a loop. Promises inside a loop - Javascript ES6

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Before jumping into the code, we will see why we need to write a promise function inside a loop.


Consider a situation where you need to send mail to list of emails. you will write a function which can send a single email at once.

Let's say that you have a list of emails like this

1const emailList = ["", "", ""]

Firstly, you write a single function which takes an emailId and send a mail to the corresponding mail.

1function sendMail() {
2 //Sending mail

you need to call the function as per the count of emails you have in the array.

you can think of, why can't I call the function inside the for a loop. it will be simple ..right??.

No... that's not going to work. because sending a mail is an asynchronous function. Loop will not wait until the previous function completes

So, there might be a chance of missing a function call or sending mail. To solve this problem, we need to use Promise.

Promises inside a loop - Javascript ES6

Firstly, write the email sending logic inside a function which returns a Promise.

1const sendEmail = userEmail => {
2 return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => {
3 //this is a mock email send logic
4 setTimeout(() => {
5 resolve(`Email Sent to ${userEmail}`)
6 }, 3000)
7 })

call the function inside the Javascript map() function and Promise.all

1const sendEmails = async () => {
2 const userEmails = ["", "", ""]
4 const status = await Promise.all( => sendEmail(email)))
6 console.log("Status =>", status)

This is one of the ways with which you can call promise inside loops.

To sum up, Promises are one the powerful addition in Javascript ES6.Promises inside a loop - Javascript ES6

In addition, we will see more about Core Concepts of Javascript in upcoming articles. Stay Tuned.

Until then Happy Coding :-)

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