Node Authentication using passport.js - Part 2

This is the part two of the passport authentication blog series. if you have missed the part one, please read the Node authentication - part one

In this article, we will see how to integrate login using passport authentication.

Firstly, add the login template in views folder. create a file login.handlebars in views folder

1{{#if message}}
2 <div class="ui negative message transition hidden">
3 <i class="close icon"></i>
4 <div class="header">
5 {{message}}
6 </div>
7 </div>
8 {{/if}}
9 <div class="ui middle aligned center aligned grid container">
10 <div class="column">
11 <h2 class="ui teal image header">
12 <img src="/images/favicon.png" class="image"/>
13 <div class="content">
15 </div>
16 </h2>
17 <form action="/login" method="POST" class="ui large form">
18 <div class="ui stacked segment">
19 <div class="field">
20 <div class="ui left icon input">
21 <i class="user icon"></i>
22 <input type="text" name="email" placeholder="Enter Email Address"/>
23 </div>
24 </div>
25 <div class="field">
26 <div class="ui left icon input">
27 <i class="lock icon"></i>
28 <input type="password" name="password" placeholder="Enter Password"/>
29 </div>
30 </div>
31 <input type="submit" class="ui fluid large teal submit button" value="Login"> </div>
32 </form>
33 <div class="ui message">
34 New Here?
35 <a href="/signup">Sign Up</a>
36 </div>
37 </div>
38 </div>

After that, we add the login routes in the routes folder. So, add the following code in routes/index.js

1app.get("/login", (req, res) => {
2 res.render("login")
6 "/login",
7 passport.authenticate("local-login", {
8 successRedirect: "/",
9 failureRedirect: "/login",
10 failureFlash: true,
11 })

In the above code, passport is a middleware that uses the strategy called local-login in the config/passport.js

Therefore, add the following code in config/passport.js

2 "local-login",
3 new LocalStrategy(
4 {
5 // by default, local strategy uses username and password, we will override with email
6 usernameField: "email",
7 passwordField: "password",
8 passReqToCallback: true, // allows us to pass back the entire request to the callback
9 },
10 function(req, email, password, done) {
11 // callback with email and password from our form
13 // find a user whose email is the same as the forms email
14 // we are checking to see if the user trying to login already exists
15 User.findOne({ email: email }, function(err, user) {
16 // if there are any errors, return the error before anything else
17 if (err) return done(err)
18 console.log("user", user)
19 console.log("password", password)
20 // if no user is found, return the message
21 if (!user)
22 return done(null, false, req.flash("loginMessage", "No user found.")) // req.flash is the way to set flashdata using connect-flash
24 // if the user is found but the password is wrong
25 if (!user.validPassword(password))
26 return done(
27 null,
28 false,
29 req.flash("loginMessage", "Oops! Wrong password.")
30 ) // create the loginMessage and save it to session as flashdata
32 // all is well, return successful user
33 return done(null, user)
34 })
35 }
36 )

Mainly, it checks whether the email is exists in the database and check the passport. as a result, it will return the success of the login to the route.

In conclusion, we can run the application using node app.js

complete source code can be found here:

To read more about passport :

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